Walt Disney World Resort Landscape Facts

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Total acreage of Walt Disney World Resort: 25,000
That’s equal to 40 square miles, or twice the size of Manhattan island.

Total acreage devoted to maintained landscapes and gardens: 4,200
The gardens of Walt Disney World Resort represent everything from a dry desert to a tropicalrain forest.

Number of roses planted in the landscape: Nearly 13,000
Removing spent blooms in the rose gardens requires a good day’s work each week — More than 400 hours per year.

Number of shrubs maintained in the landscape: More than 4 million
In Le Notre garden at the France showcase, 985 shrubs were used to create a parterre de broderie, or embroidered pattern.

Number of interior plants used each year: 8,500
The largest and most diverse garden of interior plants can be found in the atrium lobby of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

Total number of plant species represented: More than 3,000
The species represent flora gathered from every continent except Antarctica.

Number of hanging baskets displayed at one time: More than 800
It takes 50 to 75 four-inch plants to create just one colorful poinsettia ball for the holiday season.

Number of hanging baskets produced each year: About 4,000
On average, each basket is in production for three months and “on stage” for three months.

Number of topiary: More than 200
As many as 20 different plants, flowers, mosses and lichens are used to create topiaries.

Total acres of maintained turf: 2,000
At three mowings a week, that adds up to 450,000 mowing miles per year or 18 trips around Earth at the equator.

Number of beneficial insects released to control plant pests per year: 10.5 million
A single adult predatory beetle (Delphastus puslius) can eat up to 500 white fly eggs a day.

Total horticultural staff: More than 600
This diverse group of professionals includes gardeners, arborists, irrigation specialists and pest management specialists.