FACT SHEET: Disney Dreams That Soar Presented By AT&T

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“Disney Dreams That Soar presented by AT&T” is a new nighttime drone show at Walt Disney World Resort this summer, running May 24 to September 2. With nightly performances, the show will illuminate the skies above Disney Springs utilizing state-of-the-art drones to feature beloved Disney characters. 

Set to a sweeping original soundtrack and iconic movie quotes from movies like “Peter Pan,” “Dumbo,” “Wall-E,” “Big Hero 6,” and “Star Wars,” the show celebrates taking dreams to the skies and the joy of flight.  

This innovative experience is the first of several new limited-time entertainment offerings debuting at Walt Disney World Resort for the summer. Showtimes will vary; check DisneySprings.com for the latest schedule.   

Quick Facts 

  • “Disney Dreams That Soar” is a nighttime experience that combines LED, choreography and animation for an unforgettable show. 
  • “Disney Dreams That Soar” features over 30 classic Disney characters, all sharing the dream of flight. 
  • The show features a remarkable 800 drones contributing to its visual display and each drone is around 1 foot tall and wide. 
  • Big Ben in the show stands at 328 feet tall, surpassing the real-life Big Ben’s height of 316 feet. 
  • The Death Star in the show reaches a height of 213 feet, towering over Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, which stands at 180 feet. 
  • The Up House is a height of 321 feet, which is roughly equivalent to three and a half Up Houses stacked on each other (including the balloons!). 
  • Baymax in the show has a height of 328 feet, which is roughly 52 times bigger than the character Baymax at Disney Parks.  
  • The highest point of the show is the Dumbo scene reaching 354 feet, which is 17 times higher than the Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride at Magic Kingdom.  
  • The width of the show spans an impressive 524 feet, roughly equivalent to the length of two and a half Monorail trains. 
  • The show’s soundtrack was recorded in-studio by a full orchestra.