B-Roll & Soundbites: WWII Veteran Celebrates 61st Wedding Anniversary by Honoring His Country in Magic Kingdom’s Flag Ceremony

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To celebrate their love of their country, and each other, the Lessures (pronounced like “pressure,” le-SHURE) of Cincinnati, Ohio, married on July 4, 1951. WWII veteran Louis, 93, and his wife Sally, 85, say neither realized the irony of tying the knot on Independence Day.

In honor of their 61st wedding anniversary Wednesday, the couple chose Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to mark the momentous occasion. Louis Lessure, a First Lieutenant Bombardier in the Army Air Corps from 1942-1945, was Walt Disney World’s honorary veteran Monday in the Magic Kingdom Flag Ceremony. Lessure has been honored with a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Louis Lessure participating in the Magic Kingdom Flag Ceremony, The Lessures in the Magic Kingdom together, photos of Lessure in uniform, wedding day to Sally (courtesy: Louis Lessure)

Louis Lessure on celebrating July 4th
TRT: 13
Outcue: “…greatest country on earth”

Louis and Sally Lessure on the significance of marrying on July 4th, Independence Day
TRT :16
Outcue: “..it was Independence Day, (laugh)”

Louis and Sally Lessure on if they saw fireworks when they married on July 4th.
TRT :18
Outcue: “…he waited for the best.”