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Magic Kingdom Fast Facts -

Following the success of Disneyland, which opened in 1955, entertainment pioneer Walt Disney (1901-66) set his sights on what he called his company’s “most exciting and challenging assignment” — the creation of a vast vacation paradise known today as Walt Disney World Resort. Walt’s dream was realized when Magic Kingdom, the first of four theme parks at the sprawling Florida site, opened Oct. 1, 1971.

Mickey, Donald, Other Disney Characters Jump Off the Screen in Magic Kingdom Attraction -

Disney magic meets Disney music in a new 3-D film spectacular at Magic Kingdom. “Mickey’s PhilharMagic,” presented by Kodak, stars Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other favorite Disney characters animated in a way they’ve never before been seen: grand, glorious, in-your-face, three-dimension — with the added fourth dimension of astonishing in-theater effects.

Walt Disney World Resort Speaks Guests’ Languages Via WirelessTechnology -

International visitors to Walt Disney World Resort will feel more welcome, thanks in part to expanded translation services across all four Disney theme parks including a newly designed personal translation device called Ears to the World, Disney

Aerosmith Rocks, Guests Roll at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Thrill Ride -

A concert-goer’s quest to see one of the
world’s greatest rock and roll bands takes a few unexpected twists
and turns through the Hollywood hills in Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
Starring Aerosmith, the indoor roller coaster at Disney-MGM
Studios theme park.

Disney’s Pin Traders is the Perfect Place for ‘Pin Pals’ -

Taking the popular pin-trading pastime to an exciting new level, Disney’s Pin Traders provides a perfect place for enthusiasts of the fast-growing phenomenon to interact at Walt Disney World Resort.

Pirates of the Caribbean Takes Walt Disney World Guests On Swashbuckling Adventure in Sacked Seaport -

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Listen up, hardies — there be squalls ahead… Pirates of the Caribbean has entertained millions of Walt Disney World guests on a thrilling adventure through dark, mysterious caverns where "dead men tell no tales" since it opened at Magic Kingdom on Dec. 15, 1973. Starring a comical cast of rascals, …

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Immerses Guests in a Celebration of ShowBusiness -

It’s on with the show at Disney-MGM Studios where guests of all ages are immersed in the glitz, glamour and excitement of show business — strolling down Hollywood Boulevard, surrounded by the sights, sounds and personalities of Tinseltown in the 1930s; learning how classic Disney characters are brought to life through the magic of animation; blasting off on a wild limousine ride with America’s premier rock band, Aerosmith, as their guides; or becoming immersed in the world of big-budget movie car chases and the excitement of high-flying stunt performers.

Fantasy, Intrigue, Adventure Await Guests Who Take Ride Through Films’ Greatest Moments -

Experiencing The Great Movie Ride is like holding a visitor’s pass
to some of the most famous film shoots in silver screen history. The ride-through attraction at Disney-MGM Studios takes Walt
Disney World Resort guests on a “soundstage tour” of such famous
film settings as the “Casablanca” airport farewell, the Yellow
Brick Road to the Emerald City from “Wizard of Oz,” the “Raiders of
the Lost Ark” Well of Souls and many more.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Fact Sheet -

Disney-MGM Studios immerses guests in the glamour of show business 365 days a year with thrilling attractions, incredible Broadway-style
shows, world-class atmosphere entertainment and interactive film,
television and radio production facilities.

‘Muppet Vision 3-D’ Attraction Explodes With Excitement at Disney’s Hollywood Studios -

She’s coifed, bejeweled and snout-to-nose with her “captive”
audience. He’s lean, green and close enough to reach out and touch.
Together, Miss Piggy and Kermit star in the three-dimensional film
of the century: “Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3-D” at Disney-MGM
Studios in Walt Disney World Resort.

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