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Creature-Themed Wares Are the Lion’s Share at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Shops -

A shopping safari through Disney’s Animal Kingdom is an adventure
in itself. Discover the carved animal-themed backscratchers and
soapstone and wood carvings. Don’t miss stryracosaurus and other
dinosaur replicas straight from the DINOSAUR thrill ride.

From Wine to Cocktails, Coffee and Tea, Disney Expands Beverage Program -

As baby boomers — the first generation to grow up with Disney theme parks — return to Walt Disney World Resort, they’re demanding a new level of sophistication, especially in the realm of dining. In the past 10 years, world-class restaurants have been introduced — California Grill, Flying Fish Cafe, C

Walt Disney World Resort Dining Fun Facts -

Take your pick. . . There are more than 475 places to dine across Walt Disney World Resort including full-service and quick-service restaurants and portable food carts. In all, more than 6,000 different food items are available. Serving the wine . . . More than 700 sommeliers have been awarded the Court of Master Sommelier Introductory …

Rafiki -

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Inspiring a love of animals and concern for their welfare is the underlying theme, both subtle and obvious, throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom — in its entertaining shows and adventures, in its artistic representations of animals and in its shops and restaurants. But the active heart of …

Walt Disney World Resort Landscape Fun Facts -

Bloomin’ beauty: Nearly 12 percent of the Walt Disney World Resort property — an area equivalent to nearly 3,000 football fields — is devoted to gardens and maintained landscapes. That’s 4,000 acres worth of beauty. Sprouting up all over: Three million bedding plants and annuals are planted each year at Walt Disney World theme parks …

Epcot World Showcase Gardens Celebrate Flora of Many Nations -

From the seasonal explosion of the Canada
pavilion’s floral displays to the ancient beauty of China’s
reflective ponds and water lilies, the gardens of Epcot are among
the most extensive at Walt Disney World Resort. In all 11
nations of World Showcase, the gardens set the stage to help
tell each country’s “story” and provide continuity and transition
from one nation to the next. This showplace of themed landscapes is
maintained by a horticulture staff of more than 750.

Walt Disney World Resort Landscape Facts -

Total acreage of Walt Disney World Resort: 25,000 That’s equal to 40 square miles, or twice the size of Manhattan island. Total acreage devoted to maintained landscapes and gardens: 4,200 The gardens of Walt Disney World Resort represent everything from a dry desert to a tropicalrain forest. Number of roses planted in the landscape: Nearly …

Horticulturists Add Beauty, Character and Entertainment to Walt Disney World Landscape -

A team of more than 750 horticultural professionals at the 47-square-mile Walt Disney World Resort direct a landscape “show” that includes more than 7 million trees, shrubs and flowers that are part of the entertainment at the Vacation Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Epcot Salutes Mexico’s Heritage -

Mexico is represented by one of Epcot’s dominant landmarks, a huge building like a Mayan or Aztec pyramid overlooking the eastern shore of World Showcase. Inside the Mexico pavilion, Walt Disney World visitors find a moonlit plaza surrounded by tile-roofed shops, one of Mexico City’s most famous restaurants and a memorable boat cruise down El Rio del Tiempo.

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