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  • Harmony Barber Shop, a Cut Above the Rest for Walt Disney World Resort Guests

    Sit back in the good ol’ barber’s chair and get ready for a good old-fashioned haircut at Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street, U.S.A. in Magic Kingdom. Located near the Emporium gift shop with a signature candy-striped pole outside, Harmony Barber Shop transports Walt Disney World guests to a simpler time … a time when barbershop quartets entertained with harmonic tunes and when getting a haircut (or two) was a real treat.

    Magic Kingdom, Offbeat & Unexpected

  • A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME!:  The Pirates League is the newest buccaneer adventure in the Magic Kingdom, featuring makeovers that turn theme park guests into savvy swashbucklers.  Here, a young boy receives the "Cursed Pirate" makeover.  Guests can make reservations by calling 407/WDW-CREW (939-2739).

    The Pirates League Sets Sail in Magic Kingdom

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Calling all scoundrels, rogues and ne’er-do-wells – Captain Jack and his crew want you. You can drop anchor in Adventureland with your favorite Disney pirates at Magic Kingdom for The Pirates League, recruiting and training Walt Disney World guests ages 3 and up in the scurrilous ways of buccaneers. Each […]

    Magic Kingdom

  • LOVELY LANDMARK -- Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom of the Walt Disney World Resort is the centerpiece of Fantasyland...

    Cinderella Castle: Regal Icon of Walt Disney World Resort

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — It inspires awe and wonderment. Its fairy-tale finesse captures the imagination of millions of Disney guests every year. Lights bathe it in rainbow hues, and Tinker Bell flies gracefully from its turrets. Hundreds of fireworks perform a celebratory dance above it. Once, it was transformed into a giant pink birthday […]

    Magic Kingdom

  • Cinderella's Royal Table inside Cinderella Castle at the Magic
Kingdom specializes in prime rib and other feasts fit for royalty.

    Eating Around ‘The World': A Guide to Walt Disney World Theme Park Restaurants

    People can eat themselves out of house and home, eat until they can’t take another bite, or eat to their heart’s content. But eating around the world? It’s a thought that might make even the greatest gourmand wince.
    Eating around the world is a much easier task if “the world” is Walt Disney World Resort, home to at least 60 theme park and resort table-service restaurants.

    Dining, Magic Kingdom

  • Guests of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort enjoy "it's
a small world," a gentle boat ride through whimsical scenes
celebrating the rich diversity of cultures across the globe.

    ‘its a small world’ Attraction in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom

    One of the most beloved attractions at Magic Kingdom, “it’s a small world,” recently received an extreme makeover — of sorts.

    The classic Disney attraction, inspired by a similar Disneyland theme park attraction, was brought to Florida for the Grand Opening of Walt Disney World Resort in 1971. Thirtysomething years later, it got a makeover that includes d

    Magic Kingdom

  • Magic Kingdom Fast Facts

    Following the success of Disneyland, which opened in 1955, entertainment pioneer Walt Disney (1901-66) set his sights on what he called his company’s “most exciting and challenging assignment” — the creation of a vast vacation paradise known today as Walt Disney World Resort. Walt’s dream was realized when Magic Kingdom, the first of four theme parks at the sprawling Florida site, opened Oct. 1, 1971.

    Magic Kingdom

  • "Mickey's PhilharMagic," a spectacular new attraction at Magic
Kingdom, features classic Disney characters in computer-generated
3-D imagery.

    Mickey, Donald, Other Disney Characters Jump Off the Screen in Magic Kingdom Attraction

    Disney magic meets Disney music in a new 3-D film spectacular at Magic Kingdom. “Mickey’s PhilharMagic,” presented by Kodak, stars Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other favorite Disney characters animated in a way they’ve never before been seen: grand, glorious, in-your-face, three-dimension — with the added fourth dimension of astonishing in-theater effects.

    Magic Kingdom

  • Starring a comical cast of rascals, scoundrels, villains and
knaves, Pirates of the Caribbean sends Magic Kingdom guests of all
ages on a rollicking boat ride to a Caribbean seaport under siege
by a swashbuckling band of pirates.

    Pirates of the Caribbean Takes Walt Disney World Guests On Swashbuckling Adventure in Sacked Seaport

    LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Listen up, hardies — there be squalls ahead… Pirates of the Caribbean has entertained millions of Walt Disney World guests on a thrilling adventure through dark, mysterious caverns where "dead men tell no tales" since it opened at Magic Kingdom on Dec. 15, 1973. Starring a comical cast of rascals, […]

    Magic Kingdom

  • The quiet image of Space Mountain reflecting in the lake belies the
fun-filled adventure riders enjoy on the inside.

    Space Mountain Sends Magic Kingdom Guests Speeding Past the Stars at Walt Disney World Resort

    Rising 183 feet above the futuristic Tomorrowland scenery, Space Mountain has taken millions of Magic Kingdom guests on a thrilling roller coaster ride through the cosmos since it opened at Walt Disney World Resort in 1975.

    Magic Kingdom

  • Tomorrowland is the Fantasy Future City of Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

    The future that never was . . . is here! Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom has the look of futuristic cities imagined by sci-fi writers and movie-makers of the 1920s and 1930s — complete with attractions exploring space and time.

    Magic Kingdom

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