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Walt Disney World Resort for Adults: The Fun Gets Better With Age – LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – They remember vinyl records and CDs. A time when instant communication meant a phone call, not tapping out letters on a mobile phone. They grew up with Walt Disney World. But they haven’t outgrown Walt Disney World. As Boomers have grown up, so has Walt Disney World Resort. From one ...
White-Knuckle Thrills, Adventures and More at Walt Disney World Resort – Thrill-seeking teens can brace themselves for action-packed, hair-raising and pulse-racing adventures at Walt Disney World Resort. Throughout the Vacation Kingdom guests can encounter the mysterious and fearsome yeti, skin-tautening acceleration during a simulated rocket launch, a faster-than-gravity drop inside an elevator shaft, a water-splashed plunge along one of the worlds longest and fastest flume rides, and a race through the longest ride ever in Walt Disney World history.
Mature Travelers Find Walt Disney World Resort a Great Place For the Young . . . at Heart! – Golden years travelers are discovering that -- like grandkids -- a Walt Disney World vacation is worth boasting about. Golden memories and vacation experiences of a lifetime abound. Seniors traveling to Disney's Vacation Kingdom have the curiosity and the time to fully experience the theme parks, nighttime entertainment complexes, resort hotels, lakes, waterways, pools, golf courses and tennis courts.
Walt Disney World College Program Opens Corporate Door for Student Interns – LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Every year, more than 7,000 college students from across the United States pack their bags and head to Walt Disney World Resort for the quintessential learning-while-working experience with the Walt Disney World College Program. Selected by recruiters at colleges and universities nationwide, the students work and learn at Walt Disney ...
Wet Weather Won’t Dampen the Fun at the Vacation Kingdom – Walt Disney World Resort is known worldwide as a fun-in-the-sun vacation playground for all ages. But on the RARE occasion when the skies turn damp, there is plenty of all-weather fun at Walt Disney World Resort. From movies and shopping to spas and theme parks, guests are "showered" with fun throughout the Vacation Kingdom.
DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive Theme Park Offers Families One-of-A-Kind World of Virtual Fun – Fantasy adventures of the virtual reality kind await guests of all ages when they visit DisneyQuest, a five-story, indoor interactive theme park that combines Disney's magic with cutting-edge immersive technologies. In June of 1998, the flagship DisneyQuest opened at Walt Disney World Resort.
For Those Who Say ‘I Do,’ Disney Can Offer the World – Who hasn't dreamed of seeing the world on their honeymoon? Having a quiet dinner at a Parisian bistro, a moonlit walk on a secluded white sand beach or sightseeing at an enchanted castle? Only Walt Disney World Resort can offer this, and more, on the same trip.
Disney Adds Extra Touch With Themed In-Park Weddings – LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — An enchanting Cinderella-like wedding in Magic Kingdom, a safari-themed reception in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a Hollywood extravaganza in the courtyard of the Chinese Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or international-themed nuptials at Epcot are a reality with an “in-park” wedding at Walt Disney World Resort. While more than 1,000 couples ...
Disney’s PhotoPass Makes Viewing, Sharing and Ordering Walt Disney World Vacation Photos Easier Than Ever – With more than 600 million pictures taken at Walt Disney World Resort every year, it seems as though guests to the Vacation Kingdom enjoy capturing the memory of their vacations as much as they enjoy experiencing them. Disney's PhotoPass, which debuted in all four Walt Disney World theme parks on Dec. 1, 2004, presents guests with an alternative way to capture treasured moments.
Walt Disney World Resort is Destination of Choice for Couples Renewing Wedding Vows – Lovers can say "I do" all over again at one of the most romantic places on earth. Walt Disney World Resort, long recognized as a top honeymoon destination, has launched a program for couples reaffirming the matrimonial promise.

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