Veterans Empowerment Summit Encourages Veterans to “Get Engaged and Get Connected”

ORLANDO, Fla. –  In an effort to assist Veteran’s with their professional and personal development, the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, Florida hosted the Veterans Empowerment Summit, which motivated veterans to “get engaged, get connected, and get going on your next assignment!” Upon returning home from military service, many veterans face challenges when it comes to reintegrating themselves into the workforce. To address these concerns, specialists in the fields of finance, career development, and job placement, gathered at the summit to provide veterans with tools to success focused on management of personal finances, banking basics, building wealth, and finding meaningful employment in their communities.

Kevin Preston, director of the Walt Disney Company’s “Heroes Work Here” initiative spoke to the audience of veterans about searching for jobs in today’s world, why veterans are essential to the workforce, and how they stand out in the eyes of employers. “Veterans have a wealth of experience, and a set of ethics and values that other individuals do not have.”  He also encouraged veterans to take an active role in searching for jobs “Today is a phenomenal time to be a veteran, employers want to meet you, they want to hire you, and it’s up to you to engage them with your stories.”

Since its creation in 2012, the “Heroes Work Here” program which is aimed at hiring, training, and supporting returning veterans, has hired more than 3,500 veterans, surpassing its original goal of 1,000 in just over 2 years.