Walt Disney World’s Beverage Program Wins Awards

MIAMI, Fla., March 25, 2008- There’s more to Walt Disney World than Pixie Dust. The resort was noted for Best Chain Overall Beverage Program and Best Chain Signature Drink for 2008 by Cheers Magazine. The awards are the adult beverage industry’s highest honors for beverage program operators, and they are based on creativity, innovation, sales and profitability.

Walt Disney World began using standardized versions of beverage menus in 2007 which increased the popularity of alcoholic drinks and tied into the “Year of A Million Dreams” theme. The menus featured a drink named the Blue “Glow-Tini” which won the Best Chain Signature Drink Award. Director of beverage sales and standards, Stuart McGuire, said he and his team worked to design the alcoholic beverage to offer a creative and interesting beverage item for adult guests. Cheers is a business magazine focusing on bar ownership and management.