CI-Sea Turtle Conservation Actions

Support a conservation organization

Sea turtles are endangered and need our help. Click here to learn more.
ducate others
Learn more about sea turtles and tell your friends.
ttend a night walk
It’s the best way to observe a nesting turtle. Click here to learn more.

Turn off your lights
Lights disorient nesting females and hatchlings. Click here to learn more.
mbrellas and beach furniture should be put away

They prevent a nesting female from reaching the dune. Click here to learn more.
emove your trash

Learn how you can keep the beach and ocean clean. 

Topple sand castles

Nesting females can’t climb over them and hatchlings may fall into the moats. Click here to learn more.
eave turtles alone

Never approach a nesting female. Click here to learn more.
at seafood wisely

Learn which fisheries are safe for turtles