Ambassablog Test

Recently, the Disneyland Resort recommissioned the submarines for the all-new Nemo Submarine Voyage at the

Disneyland Park. On June 11, the attraction will officially open to all Guests, but I had the opportunity to get sneak peek! I climbed into one of the newly refurbished submarines (which now seats 48 passengers, adding two more from the previous attraction), along with Garnett Schoonover, 2007 Disneyland Resort Ambassador, to experience the latest “Finding Nemo” themed attraction of our Disney Parks.


Once aboard, we were transported to the

Sydney Harbor in

where we saw coral reefs, various “fish”, and divers, including Nemo’s nemesis, the dentist’s niece, Darla!


With passengers looking through port holes of both sides of the submarine, each Guest experiences different show scenes from either side of the sub. The captain of the submarines takes you on a journey to learn about the reefs in the ocean, then using a “hydrophone” (much like the one in “Turtle Talk with Crush”), you get to hear the sounds of the ocean, including the characters from “Finding Nemo.” Guests get to experience the world of Nemo once again, from meeting Bruce the shark, to bouncing over jellyfish, to even being swallowed by a whale, the attraction never ceases to amaze everyone!


After I emerged from the submarine, I was excited to find a team of Dream Squad members of

Disneyland greeting some of the invited Guests who had the chance to get a sneak peek of the attraction as well. With “The Seas with Nemo and Friends” and “Finding Nemo – The Musical” at Walt Disney World and “Crush’s Coaster” at the Disneyland Resort Paris, “Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage” will prove to be another wonderful way for our Guests to immerse themselves in the underwater world of Nemo!