Breakthrough Wireless Service Puts Captions in the Hands of Guests With Hearing Disabilities at Walt Disney World Resort

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Enhancing its services for guests with hearing disabilities, Walt Disney World Resort has developed a pioneering program to provide synchronized captions via wireless technology at popular theme park attractions.

Long recognized as the industry leader for its commitment to accommodating guests with disabilities, Walt Disney World Resort offers the handheld captioning service to all guests upon payment of a refundable deposit.

The breakthrough service was created by Disney engineers in Florida to exceed the expectations of guests with hearing disabilities by utilizing wireless communication. Using a handheld receiver, Walt Disney World guests are able to read captions while enjoying theme park attractions where captioning previously had been impractical or impossible, such as rides that send guests through multiple show scenes or outdoor environments.

Wireless signals throughout participating attractions automatically trigger the handheld device to display synchronized captions on a backlit display screen, an innovation that allows guests with hearing disabilities to more fully experience the magic of Walt Disney World Resort. Handheld captioning is available at more than two dozen Walt Disney World attractions and at select attractions at the Disneyland Resort in California.

The handheld captioning system joins several existing services for guests with hearing disabilities at Walt Disney World theme parks, including reflective captioning, American Sign Language interpreters, assistive listening systems, video captioning, pay telephones equipped with TTYs and printed attraction aids. The Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities offers a complete overview of the services and facilities available at each park.