Pink Mystic Ranger – “Power Rangers Mystic Force” – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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The Pink Mystic Ranger from "Power Rangers Mystic Force" shows off her moves March 14, 2006 at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The Pink Mystic Ranger from “Power Rangers Mystic Force” shows off her moves March 14, 2006 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. She is the newest character from the “Power Rangers” to appear in the theme park. Together for the first time in one place, the heroic characters from five different seasons of the international phenomenon “Power Rangers” thrill young fans at autograph and photo meeting places daily in the theme park. Featured are the Red, Green, Pink, Black and White Power Rangers from the action/adventure TV franchise: Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers DinoThunder, Power Rangers Space Patrol Delta and the newest, Power Rangers Mystic Force. The “Power Rangers” TV franchise features adventure, action, comedy and drama while teaching valuable lessons about the importance of working as a team. “Power Rangers” stories are accented by the heroes’ extraordinary powers, martial arts, acrobatics, special effects and relatable young characters that, in addition to the growing pains most regular teenagers face, must work to triumph over evil. “Power Rangers” is seen daily during the Jetix action/adventure blocks — mornings on ABC Family and evenings on Toon Disney — and Saturday mornings during the ABC Kids daypart on ABC-TV. (Garth Vaughan,