Kayla, a white rhinoceros, is the newest addition at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – April 8, 2005

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Kayla is a baby white rhinoceros born March 3, 2005 at Disney's
Animal Kingdom theme park.

((April 8, 2005): “Kayla” (pictured) is a baby white rhinoceros
born March 3, 2005 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Lake
Buena Vista, Fla. Six year-old Kendi, the first white rhino born at
Disney’s Animal Kingdom (pictured, background), gave birth to the
baby girl that weighed approximately 100 pounds, measured 28 inches
long and 18.5 inches tall. Kayla means “pure” in Swahili. Kayla is
growing at an average of three to four pounds each day and will
mature at approximately 4,000 pounds like her mother. They both
will soon join the other rhinos on the savannah at Disney’s Animal
Kingdom. There are seven southern white rhinos in the herd at
Disney’s Animal Kingdom – four males and three females of various
ages. A rhino birth is a notable event; in the past two years there
have been 21 births in North American zoos. At one time, white
rhinos were nearly extinct and numbered less than 100 animals. They
were protected and managed well and even now there are only
approximately 11,000 worldwide, with 171 in North American zoos.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney
World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Gene Duncan, photographer)