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Creature-Themed Wares Are the Lion’s Share at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Shops – A shopping safari through Disney's Animal Kingdom is an adventure in itself. Discover the carved animal-themed backscratchers and soapstone and wood carvings. Don't miss stryracosaurus and other dinosaur replicas straight from the DINOSAUR thrill ride.
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Horticulture Facts – Disney’s Animal Kingdom celebrates animals in a big way, but it also tells a fascinating story about the diversity of all life — including the millions of plants populating the planet. It’s the first Disney theme park where the animal “cast” will eat the botanic “stage,” and it features plant “ambassadors” from every continent on ...
From Dinos to Rhinos, Chills to Thrills: Wonder and Whimsy Reign at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – SWIRLING WATER ADVENTURE — Kali River Rapids takes guests on a twisting, turning river-rafting journey through the rainforest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park. The drenching family adventure is situated in the land of Asia at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Tree of Life Tells Stories in Sculpture — At Disney’s ...
Mesmerizing Puppetry Takes the Stage in “Finding Nemo–The Musical” – LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The undersea world that charmed audiences around the world in the Disney-Pixar smash-hit film “Finding Nemo” comes to life in a musical stage show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Featuring original songs by Tony Award-winning “Avenue Q” co-composer-creator Robert Lopez and a cappella musical “Along the Way” co-creator Kristen Anderson-Lopez, “Finding ...
Serka Zong Bazaar a Dazzling Cascade of Expedition Everest Merchandise – Expedition Everest – Disney’s Animal Kingdom HE WON
Serka Zong Bazaar a Dazzling Cascade of Expedition Everest Merchandise – LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — One of the great adventures involving Expedition Everest, the new thrill attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is the one embarked upon by merchandise designers. Their thrill was conjuring the look and attitude of the yeti, a star attraction of Expedition Everest and a creature whose existence is one of legends ...
Landscape Architects Create Authentic Scenery to Heighten Storyline at Expedition Everest At Walt Disney World Resort – From tropical jungles and verdant forests to barren rock and frozen tundra, the mighty Himalayas reveal dramatic variations in climate and landscape. Disney Imagineers were challenged to re-create such a scene when designing Expedition Everest, the mountain attraction with coaster-like thrills opening in April at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World Resort.
Himalayan Village an Architectural Wonder That Welcomes Expedition Everest Adventurers – Like mountain homes of the Himalayas, the rustic rammed-earth and stacked-stone buildings of mythical Serka Zong sag and buckle under the weight of time. But time cannot erase the beauty of the structures' intricately carved window frames nor the significance of the symbolic earth-based colors layered upon walls to protect against perceived dark forces.

Though situated on the Florida flatlands at Disney's Animal Kingdom, the mountain village anchoring the Expedition Everest attraction welcomes Walt Disney World guests with such architectural authenticity that those who've been to Nepal or Tibet can only nod in wonder.

Expedition Everest Fast Facts
  • A perilous journey aboard a runaway train through the Himalayan mountains. Adventurous riders push deep into the lair of the feared yeti, guardian of the forbidden mountain. En route, they encounter torn tracks, spiral backwards through the fog into an ice cavern and dart into and out of the mountain in a high-speed adventure.
  • Himalayan Village an Architectural Wonder That Welcomes Expedition Everest Adventurers – NEW DISNEY WORLD ATTRACTION UNLEASHES AN AVALANCHE OF THRILLS — Disney Mountain Range on Horizon — Joe Rohde, vice president/executive designer, Walt Disney Imagineering, works with the model of Expedition Everest, a family thrill adventure under construction in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Rohde’s travels ...

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